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Location - Nicosia

Type - Private Residence

Client - Undisclosed  

Year - 2018

Area - 320m2

Λ house is located in an urban area of Nicosia. This narrow plot is surrounded by other residential parcels and is adjacent to the road at its western elevation. The orientation of the plot and client's brief where optimally met in the morphology of the building's floor plan that corresponds to the letter "L".  The uniform linear layout of the living areas, kitchen, dining room and living room flows into a covered terrace. The southern orientation of the interior spaces and the terrace combined with the large openings ensure sufficient natural lighting and an unobstructed view of the rest of the yard and the area where the swimming pool is located. The entrance to the residence is located next to the stairwell, at the connection point of the central vertical and horizontal axis of movement within the residence.

Architects - Urban Fabric Architectural Laboratory

Design - George Georgiou

Construction Supervision - George Georgiou

Civil Engineer - Vassilis Vasilliou Engineering Consultants

Mechanical Engineer - Katsambas & Christoforou LLC

Electrical Engineer - eWire  

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