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Our Process

At the heart of our architectural practice lies a commitment to clarity and precision. We begin with a robust diagram and concept that distill the program, guiding the design development where every detail is accorded the same level of importance as the entirety. The process of designing and bringing a building to fruition is a nuanced journey, one that navigates through a variety of parameters and employs an array of tools and resources.

Every construction project, whether residential or commercial, commences with our meticulous architectural design process. Our dedicated team collaborates to ideate and sketch a tailored plan, aligning closely with the unique requirements of our clients. This architectural design process is thoughtfully segmented into phases, optimizing the project's efficiency and providing contractors with clear, manageable procedures to ensure seamless execution.

Schematic Design

The first phase of architectural design involves the coming together of the architect and the client to prioritise the project vision and overall goals. This initial discussion covers crucial elements of the project including its scope, purpose, and functionality. Following this briefing, the architect will compile the information collected, conduct a field survey and draft a design concept.

To help visualize the finished building, these options are provided in the form of sketches, 3d images, floorplans and diagrams. During the schematic design process, the client will have the option to request alterations in the design to further ensure that the proposed design corresponds to the requested brief. Once these changes been made, the architectural design team will work towards further refining the design in the next phase.

Design Development

An extension of the schematic design phase, this phase further develops the schematic design and concept study. During this phase, our architectural team finalizes the preliminary design and starts working on general structural details of the building.

The design development process begins with the revision of the schematic design based on the requested changes. The cost estimate for the project is also updated to incorporate the alterations made to the initial design. The design development phase of the architectural design process is a highly interactive prosess between the client and the design team as both parties work together to finalize the design before moving to the next level.

Construction Documentation

In the construction documents phase, our team starts working on construction detailed drawings, technical specifications required for bidding, construction, permit application and quantity survey. This highly demanding phase will also include our associate engineers. Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering consultants must be coordinated by the architect to provide all documentation, drawings and surveys necessary for the acquirement of building permits and description of the construction process.

The documents created during this phase of the design process will be issued to be included in the bidding process.


The objective of bidding is to identify a construction company to undertake the project. It’s part of the architect’s job to assist the client to find the best-suited construction company based on their expertise and cost. The architect will compile a list of suitable construction contractors and submitting bid packages to bidders.

The architect and quantity surveyor will review the bids received and provide a detailed analysis of bids, comparisons of varying cost figures and identification of possible inconsistencies of the bids. 

Construction Administration

At this stage and when the construction phase of a project begins, our architectural and engineering team will provide construction oversight. During the construction stage, the architect will oversee the construction work to ensure that the final design is being adhered to. This involves site supervision during construction, issuance of revised drawings, material sampling and selection,  assistance to the client to select the desired finishes and approval of payment certificates to the contractor.

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From Design to Construction

Our projects begin with a blank canvas and an empty plot, unfolding into vibrant realities through careful planning and innovative execution. Armed with cutting-edge technologies and extensive construction expertise, we seamlessly translate conceptual designs into tangible, high-quality structures. Every detail envisioned on the design board is preserved on the construction site, and our commitment remains unwavering—to deliver precisely what we promise to our clients.

Guided by foresight and precision, we navigate through every phase of our projects, addressing potential challenges proactively. Our dedication to quality extends beyond meeting expectations; it's about exceeding them. By embracing a commitment to delivering without compromise, we ensure that the final outcome reflects not just our promises, but our dedication to creating exceptional spaces.

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