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Urban Fabric is an international studio dedicated to sustainable design and planning. Established in 2012 in Nicosia, Cyprus, our journey as architects spans all phases of design, from conceptualization to the meticulous execution of buildings and products. Offering comprehensive services, consulting, and project management, we extend our expertise to cover interior design, planning, urban design, landscape design, and lighting design.

Our portfolio proudly showcases the successful completion of diverse projects, including residential, commercial, industrial, educational, and infrastructure developments. Our influence extends across Cyprus, Greece, Czech Republic, and Nigeria, reflecting our commitment to delivering excellence on an international scale.


Our architectural pursuits are a thoughtful response to the dynamic needs of the contemporary world. Architecture, to us, is more than structure; it's a harmonious interplay of materials, form, and meticulous detail, weaving narratives tied to the essential functions buildings must embody. We don't just design spaces for functionality; we create environments that seamlessly merge utility with inspiration.

Our vision extends beyond the practical—each project is a solution tailored to the contemporary world, an embodiment of innovation, and an exemplar of resource efficiency. Our approach is bespoke, finely tuned to match the specific brief, functional necessities, human experiences, site characteristics, and the broader context. It's a sincere effort to unlock the latent potential in every project, aspiring to craft designs that stand the test of time.

We believe in spaces that are honest, inclusive, inviting, and elevating. Our focus is on creating architecture grounded in compelling narratives, steering clear of superfluous decorative motifs in favor of a more meaningful impact.

Each new project is not just a challenge but an opportunity for growth—a chance to advance our work guided by a deep understanding of our craft and a commitment to the judicious use of materials. Our architecture is an evolving journey, shaping and being shaped by the principles that define our unique vision.


Our commitment to addressing the climate emergency profoundly shapes and defines our work and ethos. In collaboration with clients, associates, and industry stakeholders, we ensure that our buildings are not just structures but environmentally responsible and bioclimatic spaces prioritizing the health and wellbeing of their occupants. This journey commences with a meticulous examination of the site, with a keen focus on the building's location and orientation.

By strategically aligning with the sun's path and carefully considering the site's features, we enhance our buildings' utilization of natural daylight while minimizing heat gain and optimizing solar energy capture. This thoughtful approach extends to maximizing the performance of renewable energy resources and technologies. Through the integration of cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions, and collaboration with industry consultants, we provide practical and sustainable strategies for our projects. These measures not only minimize the long-term environmental impact but also elevate building performance, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable future.



Our approach to all projects is rooted in identifying and outlining the client's objectives, followed by a comprehensive exploration of options to optimize solutions. We are dedicated to crafting environments that are not only functional but also embrace the use of natural materials, ensuring buildings wear well and exude a richness and resonance that withstands the test of time.

Our commitment extends to creating durable buildings that stand resilient amidst the rapid evolution of technology. We achieve this by designing flexible spaces, thoughtfully separated from service elements, ensuring they remain useful as needs change. Irrespective of scale or budget, each project is approached uniquely to guarantee optimal design solutions tailored to its specific requirements.

Our work is characterized by a humanistic and modern sensibility, tempered by a strong sense of place, traditions, and materials. We aspire for simplicity, clarity, depth, elegance, and robustness in every project, creating spaces that not only meet functional needs but also resonate with a timeless and enduring aesthetic.

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