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Location - Nicosia

Type - Private Residence

Client - Undisclosed  

Year - 2015

Area - 210m2

The F house sits behind a ‘garden wall’, with the main body as a 2-storey form lying east-west, so presenting a narrow end to the approach allowing all rooms to address the south. An open-plan wing behind the wall contains the carport, so framing a courtyard garden to the south side that enjoys daylong sun, sheltered behind the wall. From the entrance hall, a circulation route provides a view along the length of the house and provides access to a study, utility room, kitchen, into the main living room which enjoys panoramic views of the surrounding garden and trees. To the south, the walled garden provides play space and pool for the family. The house is built using sustainable methods of construction with a ‘fabric first’ approach to achieve close to zero-carbon emissions.

Architects - Urban Fabric Architectural Laboratory

Design - George Georgiou

Construction Supervision - George Georgiou

Civil Engineer - Vassilis Vassiliou Engineering Consultants

Mechanical Engineer - Katsambas & Christoforou LLC

Electrical Engineer - eWire  

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