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ANG Residences

Location - Nicosia

Type - Apartment Building

Client - Commercial 

Contract Value - 2m

Year - 2023

Area -1500m2

Our vision for this commercial project unfolds through a thoughtful analysis of both immediate and broader contexts, resulting in a design that delicately mirrors the height, scale, and urban grain of its surroundings. Within, apartments are orchestrated to embrace the streets, while bedrooms find solace facing an internal light well, maximizing the embrace of natural daylight. 

The east–west alignment of the site served as the guiding principle in shaping the layout of the apartments. Placing the vertical circulation core at the center of the building strategically positions bedrooms on either side, harnessing the morning sunlight. Meanwhile, living spaces on the western side of the building capture panoramic views of the surroundings and the enchanting hues of sunsets in the evening. The utilization of space within the building is thoughtfully organized in a vertical fashion.

The building's structure is elegantly straightforward, featuring a concrete frame. Balconies are enclosed, adorned with wooden sliding panels, warm colored light wall tones and darker claddings . This infusion of materiality serves to enliven the exterior, offering a vibrant contrast to the building's otherwise monochromatic surroundings. In essence, the architectural decisions are not just practical but also aesthetic, creating a harmonious interplay between form and function in this modern dwelling.

Architects - Urban Fabric Architecture

Design - George Georgiou - Maria Hadjivasili

Status - Under Study

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