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honorable mention

Location - Pafos

Type - Educational / Cultural Foundation

Client - Ministry of Education  

Contract Value - 2m

Year - 2016

Area - 2000m2

This intervention proposes the creation of a cultural center, which will respond to the modern needs of an art education center and pay tribute to the Cyprus College of Art and its founder Stas Paraskos whilst respecting the natural environment, the existing residential complex, the scale of the buildings and the climate of the region. The composition meanders between the existing listed building facilities, highlighting the existing works of art and the natural landscape. The proposal, referring to the almost spontaneous construction of the existing structures, promotes an architecture that neither tries to impose itself on the existing structured and unstructured landscape nor to imitate it. By using simple geometric elements, natural materials, anthropocentric scale buildings he tries to highlight the concept but not the form of the local traditional architecture. The use of walls, as a boundary between public and semi-public space, is an element of traditional building types, applied to the organization of modern spaces. Also, the placement of workshops on a floor could conceptually be paralleled with the traditional loft, which leaves a covered space on the ground floor for daily work.

Architects - Urban Fabric Architectural Laboratory

Design - George Georgiou, Maria Hadjivasili

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