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2nd prize

Location - Lemythou

Type - Educational / Cultural Foundation

Client - Mitsis Foundation  

Contract Value - 1.5 m

Year - 2016

Area - 1450m2

The objective of the competition was to create a theatre - music hall, for the commercial school Mitsis in the village of Lemythou. The hall will have a capacity of 200-250 people and is intended to host mainly school events but also to provide the possibility of presenting professional theater performances, musical events, lectures, conferences and seminars.The central idea of ​​the composition is the creation of a platform, which is embedded in the mountain and which is surrounded by inclined levels (ramps). Due to the large height differences, vertical movement is achieved by creating inclined levels for smooth access. The design takes into account the planning and spatial organization of the building in relation to the wider environment. The school, its existing building facilities and public and private accesses. By placing the building at an intermediate elevation between the school and the public street, a versatile space was created which integrates directly with the rest of the building complex but at the same time functions independently on the street level.

Architects - Urban Fabric Architectural Laboratory

Design - George Georgiou, Maria Hadjivasili

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