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Location - Larnaca

Type - Comercial

Client - Undisclosed  

Year - 2024

Area - 2850m2

This state-of-the office building, is strategically located in the ex-oil refinery coastline area of Larnaca. The meticulously designed six-floor layout spans nearly 3000m2 of open-plan office space, tailored to meet the needs of modern and flexible workspaces. Facilities, including gym areas, lounges, and kitchen and grill areas, provide ample space for leisure in a dynamic and cutting-edge work environment. Our building's architecture reflects the contemporary way of working in a futuristic environment, with environmental factors being addressed through canopies and automated shading louvers. These measures have been implemented to minimize UV radiation, maximize energy efficiency, and significantly reduce the artificial cooling and heating of the building. 

Architects - Urban Fabric Architecture

Design - Urban Fabric Architecture


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