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Location - Nicosia

Type - Private Residence

Client - Undisclosed  

Year - 2015

Area - 520m2

Π residence functions as a prism where the solar diagram and the course of the sun during the day are captured, not as an external morphological feature of the facades but as a living and dynamic compositional tool of the interior space. The large openings intensify the visual connection with the designed exterior space of the residence by dissolving the boundaries between interior and exterior. The outdoor areas consist of large covered and uncovered terraces, a pavilion and an outdoor kitchen with a grill area. The choice of natural and earthly materials, water element of the swimming pool, intense vegetation and the design of the fixed furniture, contribute to the uninterrupted perception of a single space.

Architects - Urban Fabric Architectural Laboratory

Design - George Georgiou

Construction Supervision - George Georgiou

Civil Engineer - Vassilis Vasilliou Engineering Consultants

Mechanical Engineer - Katsambas & Christoforou LLC

Electrical Engineer - eWire  

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