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Location - Larnaca

Type - Private Residence

Client - Undisclosed  

Year - 2020

Area - 550m2

J-House is located in a semi-urban neighborhood of the province of Larnaca, which is adjacent to a road network with heavy traffic flow. The basic composition proposal is the creation of an introverted residence which limits unwanted visual and sound contact with the noisy urban landscape that surrounds it. The “J” type, chosen as the basic typology of the floor plan, promotes the organizational function of the space with hard boundaries to the outside and transparent, perforated boundaries to the inner space. While visual escapes are limited to the private space of the residence, the architectural gestures of the design create new visual stimuli through the continuous play of interior and exterior space.

Architects - Urban Fabric Architectural Laboratory

Design - George Georgiou

Construction Supervision - George Georgiou

Civil Engineer - Vassilis Vasilliou Engineering Consultants

Mechanical Engineer - Katsambas & Christoforou LLC

Electrical Engineer - eWire  

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