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Contemporary Beachfront Mansion

Overlooking a bay's dramatic coast, this luxury mansion efficiently creates private, sheltered spaces for family living, whilst maximizing wide outlooks towards the water and beyond.


Situated on highest elevation of a beachfront plot, waterline mansion is laid horizontally with the main living and dining lounges situated on a 6 meter high double volume level. A set of living spaces is held in a linear configuration, overlooking the site. Connected to a garden, the mansion sits above the pool level on the beach side. The lounge supervises the pool with 4m high feature sliding glass doors.

Waterline mansion features double volume open-plan living spaces that extend onto an expansive covered terrace with a large infinity pool.
The western façade openings are protected by sliding vertical screens to reduce the solar heat gain, while allowing uninterrupted views. The juxtaposed materials and textures combine the raw and tactile with the slick and sophisticated to create a magical experience. The 1st floor bedroom wing soars over the living areas of the house affording panoramic views of the surrounding sea. Bedrooms form an extensive plinth
for relaxed and spacious living levels characterized by a sophisticated language of crisp contemporary forms and laid back, locally-inspired materials.


The design includes generous outdoor living areas capturing fantastic views along the coastline. Slender canopies and delicate screens enliven bold facades and help to animate indoor/outdoor thresholds. An elegant palette defines both the interior and exterior architecture. Natural finishes combine with dominant, simple forms to create a contemporary interpretation of Mediterranean vernacular architecture. A clear material palette amplifies the distinction of the building forms which appear equally striking in all four distinct seasons in the area.

This modern mansion maximizes dramatic views and capitalizes on the great climate and indoor-outdoor lifestyle of the southern Mediterranean.

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